Our Vision Is to create environments where:

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  • All children are loved, listened to and protected.
  • All children are thriving in environments that inspire them.
  • All children advocate for themselves so that all their needs are met.

Our Method Has three main components

Counseling, Skill Building & Nutrition

Intervention counselors are NYS licensed therapists that provide individual and group counseling to children and families in locations that are most convenient to them.  Our approach to counseling is rooted in the ideology that ALL individuals are able to define and achieve their goals.

Community Investment

There is a direct relationship between an individual’s living environment and their physical and emotional health. CRP spearheads and funds projects to revitalize neighborhoods that have a history of disinvestment. We re-purpose, re-imagine and re-habilitate existing real estate and internal spaces so that individuals living in those spaces feel safe, valued and inspired.

Sports, Music & the Arts

We believe that sports, music and art are powerful tools that can be therapeutic, healing and the driving force through which children and families can achieve their goals. CRP funds programs that facilitate sports, music and art activities. We believe that these activities are a significant part of the revitalization process for individuals and communities.

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Meet the Team

We are on a mission to create spaces for youth and their families to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.

Yoga instructor

Rachel Adams

Yoga instructor
Gym Instructor

Sofia Karim

Gym Instructor
Box Instructor

Gerald Situmorang

Box Instructor
Gym Instructor

Uliluwo Santiago

Gym Instructor

Meet Our Partners:


Join us as we ensure that all children and their families have an equal opportunity to thrive in safe, inspiring, supportive environments.