CRP CRP – Community Revitalization Partnership



Community Revitalization Partnership (CRP) is a not-for-profit organization founded to create safe and inspirational spaces for youth and their families to live, work, play and THRIVE. CRP provides counseling, spearheads neighborhood initiatives and runs youth programs to foster economic and personal growth for youth and families.


Counseling, Skill Building & Nutrition:

  • We provide individual, group and family counseling.
  • We teach healthy coping skills.
  • We show our clients how to eat to support strong emotional health.

Community Investment

  • We fund social and academic programs in school after school and in the community.
  • We provide entrepreneurship training and economic growth opportunities.
  • We spearhead neighborhood rehabilitation and beatification projects.


Sports, Music & the Arts

  • We fund and partner with community organizations to support sport, music and art activities.
  • We provide opportunities for self and artistic expression.
  • We provide opportunities for sport and talent development.


Meet Our Partners

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  • Southern Queens Park Association
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  • Urban Research Strategies and Logistics
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Join us as we ensure that all children and their families have an equal opportunity to thrive in safe, inspiring, supportive environments.


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